Unlike raster graphics / pixel graphics (.jpg; .png; .gif), vector graphics are not based on a pixel grid, but are made up of nodes and lines, as well as curves. This means that the graphics can be scaled without any loss of quality.

With the exception of our digital print labels and cardboard labels, we need a vectorized graphic file to carry out your order for labels!

Please note that the graphic file must be created in the way the label is ultimately produced.
That means in total including the sewing edge. For the sewing edge we recommend to calculate approx. 5 mm per side, however you can also determine the insertion edge yourself!

Below you will find a PDF for downloading, where you can easily put your own label!


Minimum height for fonts and line width for Woven Label

The minimum height for small letters should be 2mm for woven labels - here it should be noted that depending on the weave density of the label, the font may not necessarily be legible when the weft density is high.

Minimum height for fonts and line width for Printed Label

The minimum height of 6pt for print labels is still legible, here the material to be printed must also be taken into account, since it is not possible to manufacture the same size on all materials (e.g. a grosgrain ribbon).

A line width of at least 0.25pt must be taken into account for all labels.

Information for a free offer for textile labels
To make you an offer you need the following:


- A graphic of how the label should look.

- quantity

- The dimensions of the label in mm.

- Color specifications, 2-color, 3-color or several colors