Vectorized graphics are not based on a pixel grid as pixel graphics, but are made up of points, paths and curves. Thus, the graphics can be scaled without a loss of quality.

Except for our digital print labels and carton labels, we need a vectorized graphic file to execute your order!

Please notice that the graphic file needs to be exactly created as the label should be produced, that means with whole measures including sewing space. We recommend to calculate 5 mm sewing space each side, but of course you are free to set the sewing space in the size you need!

For further information, you'll find an information sheet and a PDF file for dowloading and setting your own label easily here:

Minimum letter height should be 2mm for woven labels - note that depending on the weave density of the label, writing may not necessarily be easy to read at high weft densities.

When printing labels are still readable 6pt, here also the material to be printed must be considered, because you can not produce the same size on all materials (eg a rips cotton tape).