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Our product overview for labels

Here you will find an overview of our label products and other printed products.

Printed Fabric Labels

High-quality labels made from printed fabric offer a stylish way to showcase brand information on textile products. Equipped with various printing techniques and color options, they not only provide products with identity but also add an aesthetic touch.

Woven Labels

Fine, woven labels are ideal for premium products. Through precise weaving of texts, symbols, and logos, they offer an elegant and durable solution for brand presentation. The variety of available materials allows customization to different brand aesthetics, imparting an exclusive touch to products.

Adhesive Labels

Self-adhesive labels are practical and flexible, perfect for a variety of surfaces. With informative or promotional printing, they are easy to apply and ideal for packaging, bottles, and more. Thanks to high-quality printing techniques and materials, they remain legible even under various environmental conditions.