Here you will find the most common types of packaging for printed or woven labels.

Of course, there are many more options for designing your labels, there are no limits to your imagination. We would be happy to discuss your special requests with you personally so that we can implement the label as desired!
Common types of presentation - folding of textile labels

Loop - manual folding (by hand)

The textile labels are only cut during production, making sure that the desired sewing-in edge (e.g. 3mm, 5mm, 7mm or 10mm) is adhered to above and below.
These textile labels are usually sewn into a seam.

Smooth cut / flag

With the straight cut, the textile labels are produced without a fold.
The sewing edge can be on all ends of the labels or just on one side or two.
If the sewing-in edge is chosen on one side, this is referred to as a flag.

Labels on a roll

Your textile labels are made on a roll with a cut mark. You can then cut the labels off the roll and sew them in directly. Not all materials are cut-resistant, which means that they can fray at the cut ends. The alternative is to sew in the label as a loop. Thus the open edges disappear in the seam / hem.

End fold

The label is folded inwards at two ends (left and right or up and down).
This is often done to get a clean and soft edge on woven labels.

Booklet folding

A booklet fold consists of a center fold and an end fold and is often attached around the hem or the edge of the textiles, such as hats or sweatshirts.

Manhattan folding

Here the label is folded once at the top as in the middle.
This fold is placed around the hem and sewn on and offers a clean edge for sewing thanks to the folded edge.

Diagonal folding

When folded diagonally, the textile label is folded to the left and right at an angle of 45 °.
The sending protruding edge upwards is sewn into the collar of the textile.




Here you will find the most common types of finishings for printed or woven labels again.

Of course there are many more options to customize your labels, here your imagination has no limits.

We are happy to discuss your special requirements with you personally in order to implement your labels as you desire!