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Adhesive Labels

Product labels

Adhesive Paper or folie product labels for bottles, cans, containers and packaging. Individually made for you!
Bär Maskottchen

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Product labels for sticking - made of paper or foils Individually produced for you, e.g. As a product label for honey jars made of paper, cosmetics or drinks, we manufacture the appropriate labels for you.

The product labels can be applied to bottles, glasses, PVC containers and any other container.

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Here are some examples of the areas of application for our custom-made product labels and label types:

  • Product labels to stick - individually manufactured for the product identification of cosmetic labels, food labels, to stick on your products
  • Product labels for packaging and content information (cosmetics, food, etc.)
  • Product labels to stick - with a printed back (adhesive side) for additional information on the back of the label (e.g. for transparent packaging)
  • Information labels e.g. for technical and chemical products
  • Product labels to stick - for labeling textiles (for example for re-labeling, size stickers)
  • Product labels for advertising purposes
  • Adhesive labels with additional functions: e.g. Blackmark print on the back for additional printing, adhesive-free zones
  • All product labels can also be printed with variable data (barcode, composition, manufacturer data, etc.)

Individually manufactured product labels / foil labels in a wide variety of materials such as Paper, cardboard, foil (PP, PE, PET, BOPP).
The adhesive labels are provided with the appropriate adhesive or a special coating to match the intended use.

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