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Woven Label

Woven and embroidered badge

Woven badges or embroidered badges in high quality
Bär Maskottchen

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High-Quality Woven and Embroidered Patches for Every Occasion

With our offerings of woven patches or embroidered badges, you choose patches that stand out for their quality and vibrant colors. Whether for your club, an event or festival, or as merchandise, we offer custom productions in various sizes, with designs of your choice and different color combinations. All woven and embroidered patches can be made with up to 8 thread colors.

If you have questions, seek a personalized and non-binding offer, or wish to place an order, please contact us via our website or by phone. We are happy to advise you and provide a compelling offer for your project at no cost.

Different Shapes & Details: An Overview of Woven and Embroidered Badges

Woven patches and badges, embroidered badges are high-quality products for customizing textiles. They can be placed on training and outdoor clothing, professional attire, and club garments and are easily applied with needle and thread. Round or rectangular patches are very popular, but the variety of shapes offers far more possibilities. You can have your patches made in star-shaped or oval forms, or in any custom shape and size you specify. A major advantage is the various options for surface coating.

They ensure that:

  • woven patches do not slip when attached to the fabric,
  • embroidered badges are more weather-resistant and protected against soaking,
  • with an overlocked edge, they can withstand heavy wear without fraying,
  • patches have increased strength.

Enhancement Options for Patches and Badges

We generally offer you four different methods for enhancing patches. You can choose from various options:

  • Options with or without an overlocked edge,
  • Application of an iron-on backing with hot-melt adhesive,
  • Backside fleece coatings for increased strength & stability,
  • adhesive coatings for a non-slip attachment behind the patches.

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You are also welcome to send us your questions directly via our email or make an inquiry through email.

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Delivery of woven or embroidered badges is possible starting from a minimum quantity of 50 pieces.

For large orders or smaller batches, it is best to inquire by phone, as we can provide personalized information based on our capabilities. Our offer is always free from an obligation to purchase and is provided at no cost. As we convince with quality as well as price and performance, we will persuade you with the offer we create for you for woven patches or embroidered badges. The price depends on the size, the amount of work involved, and the thread colors used.
If, for example, you order a two-color embroidered patch, the production is cheaper than for a design with 8 thread colors.

We create graphics, images, fonts, and combinations of text and image using the latest technology.
For an especially elegant look, we recommend an overlocked edge, as it makes the patch particularly appealing.

For urgent orders, we recommend contacting us by phone.

In conversation, we can tell you how quickly we can realize your order.
Our capabilities are based on the current workload and are therefore individually negotiable and not uniformly stated.