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Woven Labels

Woven Labels and logo labels for 100 pieces

Request for self-designed weaving labels from 100 pieces »Inquiries here«

Woven logo labels, woven labels, or care labels stand out for their longevity and high quality. They are durable and versatile in and on textiles.

Printed Label

drucketiketten berlin 02

Product request for self-designed print labels from 100 pieces »Inquiries here«

We produce for you printed textile labels as well as textile care labels on different materials with or without adhesive coating for every need. Individually tailored as print labels or custom printed care labels tailored to your needs.

Woven or Embroidered Badges

Woven badges or embroidered badges

Request for Woven Patches or Embroidered Badges from 50 pieces »Inquiries here«

Woven Badges or Embroidered Badges in various shapes and variations, to sew on or iron on or with an adhesive coating. Also available in small quantities!

Digital Printing Labels

Digital printing labels

Product request for Digital printing label from 100 pieces »Inquiries here«

Digital printing for textile labels, here color gradients are just one of many other advantages. High quality, full-surface print and with many colors on satin ribbon.

Carton Labels - Hangtags

Webetiketten - gewebte Logoetiketten in Berlin ab 100 Stück

Request for self-designed carton labels - Hangtags from 100 pieces »Inquiries here«

Carton labels or hangtags are as varied as your textile itself. Whether matt or glossy, stamped in different shapes or combined with e.g. Woven labels, here are no limits to your imagination!

Embroidered name label

embroidered Name labels for clothes

Request for embroidered name labels from 50 piecess »Inquiries here«

The embroidered name labels, name tags are an optimal solution for clothing / textiles, these are suitable for sewing or ironing.

Barcode- QR code and EAN labels

barcode labels from 100 pieces

Request for barcode labels from 100 pieces »Inquiries here«

We produce printed barcode labels in various shapes and variations, to be sewn on and / or with an adhesive coating for textiles, also as adhesive labels.

Silicone and rubber labels

Silicone and Rubber Labels

Product request for Silicone and rubber Labels from 100 pieces »Inquiries here«

Custom designed rubber labels with your design. We produce your rubber labels for textiles with your design.

Adhesive Labels - Product Labels

self-designed print labels

Product request for self-designed print labels from 100 pieces »Inquiries here«

Our adhesive labels can be printed individually according to your specifications. Also special coatings such. Foil embossing or special designs such as the refinement of surfaces can be realized.

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Presentation types - folds for textile labels

Learn more about the presentation types

Learn more about the presentation types

Textile labels can be folded in different ways
Depending on the use, the woven labels and the printing labels can be individually cut or folded.

Here are some ways to show you:

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