woven Care label

A woven care label on a textile immediately sends a message, it conveys quality and supports the impression the customer gets from your company.

With the help of our state-of-the-art looms and computer-aided design, we can also produce patterns with difficult details, including woven care labels with logo.

Depending on the requirements, we are able to weave different weft densities, depending on the template and requirements. This gives you the opportunity to choose between a glossy or a matte quality.


Reproducible vector graphic of your care labels

For this we need a reprogable vector graphic in PDF format for the production. We would also be happy to produce an individual graphic or post-production according to your ideas.

We manufacture woven care labels (wash labels, care labels) in small editions from 100 pieces.

You can find out more about our materials for woven labels and care labels under "Servive Material Science".