business cards

Individual business cards, designed for your purpose.

Depending on your needs and asking price, we offer different cardboard thicknesses from 255g/sqm to 350g/sqm.
(The standard here is 300g/sqm.) Our minimum order quantity for our business cards is 100 pieces.

Business cards are available in different qualities: uncoated paper, recycling matt picture printing, matt picture printing, Envirotop (recycling offset)
Business cards can be made in different formats and sizes depending on the customer's requirements
Depending on your wishes, you can print your front and/or back (single-sided printing/double-sided printing)
The business cards can also be refined in various ways, e.g. B. embossing, or painting or foil lamination

During the finishing stages, you can determine whether you want to use the following for your business cards.

UV coating:

Is a high-gloss, abrasion-resistant clear varnish that is partially or completely applied to the desired surface using the screen printing process. The varnish is then cured with UV light and dried.


Such a business card die can be customized to different sizes and/or shapes.

Have a punching tool made according to your ideas or simply ask us which shapes we have for you.

Hot foil stamping:

Refine your business cards with one of three selectable effect foils! An embossing is applied to the business card using pressure and heat.
You can choose from the following color foils: gold foil; golden silver foil; silver laser film;
silver-colored with rainbow color effect (depending on viewing angle and incidence of light) All three color films are high-gloss/reflective.

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