Embroidered name labels

Embroidered name labels are a popular aid for labeling items of clothing.

Are you looking for a reliable way of labeling clothing, e.g. B. when handing your child over to kindergarten, holiday camp, etc.?

We produce embroidered name labels to sew in or embroidered name labels to iron on in about 14 working days.

In some special cases (10mm wide, white ribbon with a red or blue design), the production of the embroidered name labels only takes about 4 working days.

For those who only remember a few days before departure that name tags are still needed-

we also produce printed name labels for sewing in in 1-3 working days.

To identify objects with a smooth surface (e.g. pocket calculators), we can also produce self-adhesive, printed name labels as textile labels or as adhesive paper labels.

Our name labels, whether embroidered name labels or printed name labels, are of course manufactured according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100.