Carton labels / Hangtags

Carton labels or hangtags (swing tag) are as varied as your textile itself.
Whether matt or glossy coating, punched in various forms or combined with e.g. Woven labels, here are no limits to your imagination!

Depending on requirements and price expectations, we offer different board thicknesses from just 100g / sqm to 350g / sqm, possibly even more. (The standard here is 250g / sqm.) Our minimum order quantity is 100 pieces.

Carton labels / hangtags (swing tag) are available in different qualities (paper, cardboard, plastic, textile, leather and much more.)
Are available in different formats and sizes according to customer requirements.
You can print your carton labels / hangtags on front and / or back as desired (one-sided printing / two-sided printing)
As a hanger for your carton labels / hangtags, you can also choose a thread, cord or satin ribbon
You can also provide the suspension band with a seal, with or without a logo
Cardboard labels / hangtags can be finished in different ways, such as: B. embossing, folding, gemstones, colored eyelets, colored safety pins and much more.

During the finishing stages, you can decide if you want to use your carton / hangtags (swing tag).

This is where the holes for the carton labels are made so that you can thread a cord, a ribbon or a drawstring.
Possible sizes:
3.0 mm, 4.0 mm, 5.5 mm or 8.0 mm 

UV relaxation The following is meant by a perforation:
The main use of perforations is to facilitate tearing off, for example, sheets or labels generally along a punch line provided therefor. 1 line - 4 lines.

UV painting:
Is a high-gloss, abrasion-resistant clear lacquer, which is applied by screen printing partially or completely on the desired surface, the lacquer is then cured with UV light and dried.

The partially applied UV varnish is slightly raised, sharp and shiny. Company logos, addresses, pictures and designs can thus be emphasized and form a visual and palpable difference between printing substrate and painted areas. By linking the foil lamination, the tactile and glossy properties of the UV lacquer are emphasized once again.

Such a punching form for carton labels / hang tags can be customized to different sizes and / or shapes.

Have a punching tool made to your specifications or simply ask us which shapes we have for you.

Hot foil stamping:
Refine your carton labels / hangtags with one of three selectable effect foils! Embossing is transferred to the cardboard label / hangtag with pressure and heat.

The following color foils are available here:
Gold film; gold-colored silver foil;
silver-colored laser film;
silver color with rainbow color effect (depending on the angle of view and light)

All three color foils are high gloss / reflective.

When making your carton labels / hangtags, you can decide how your carton label / hangtags should become:

Round off the corners:
Some like their cardboard labels / hangtags angular and some even round.

Here you can choose for your carton labels / hangtags which rounding is optimal
3mm, 5mm, 7mm, or 9mm

Here you can decide if you want a numbering of your carton labels / hangtags.
If yes, you can choose as follows:
Cardboard labels number with 1 number - 4 numbers

With grooves:
Is well suited to fold the cardboard labels / hangtags easier. 1 line - 4 lines