Care labels

Printed care Labels, textile care label or textile labeling labels, according to the Textile Labeling Act (TKG) are the economical solution and manufactured according to the latest legal regulations.

Various presentations, e.g. with compositions, care symbols and address, according to TKG, also on request with a logo.

Care labels or washing labels for product Labeling for textiles are an important part of the goods to be sold.

Here it is important that the care label includes the following components, according to Textile Labeling Act (TKG):

The care Label must be in the language in which the textile is sold in the country. The composition of which fabrics the textile consists. These are given from 2 percent (%).

According to the TKG, the care label must have at least 5 different textile care symbols.

The textile care symbols are:

  • Washing symbol (washing tub)
  • bleach symbol
  • dryer symbol
  • Ironing symbol
  • Professional cleaning

For this we need a reproducible vector graphic in PDF, ai or EPS format.
We are also happy to produce a custom graphic design or post-processing to your liking.

Care Labels (washing labels, Care Label), in small quantities Edition starting from 100 pieces.

Our printed textile ribbons are:

  • nylon
  • polyester
  • cotton
  • satin
  • Acetate Satin - this is self-adhesive

For more information about our materials, please refer to »Service Material Science«.


You can find further information about textile care and its symbols via Wikipedia »Textile care symbols«


You still need size Labels?
You can have them made as woven size labels or printed Labels.